Small Heron 05

Small Heron 05

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V-8 Ford Emblem



Cowichan Valley

B.C. Canada

What we do

We scour the country side looking for abandoned metals and objects to be repurposed into unique pieces of art. We frequently visit thrift stores, flea markets, garage sales and swap meets searching for suitable materials. Occasionally we stumble across an old barn or the like and may find some treasures. Once home in our workshop we clean and sort our bounty and this is when the most creative inspirations come to life. It's during these moments the freedom of expression paves the way for many new works of art. It's truly one of the determining factors of why we keep doing this and lends meaning to "its all in the chase not the destination".

Who are we

We are Wayne and Kathy Enslow and reside in the Cowichan valley, British Columbia, Canada. Also a husband and wife team, and proud parents and grandparents. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have found a hobby that is becoming increasingly popular. Although limited in the amount of art two people can produce, we find originality and creativity is more important to us than volume. ​ 

Why we do it

Collecting and reusing has always been a way of life for us. During our childhood years re-purposing & recycling were simply a way of life. For many of us it was a necessity. If you weren't willing to buy used or accept a free item and fix it yourself, it's likely you would do without.

To be given the opportunity to collect and upcycle many of those old familiar items we grew up with is something we could not pass on. To us, our art is simply a revisit into the past and a way to relive our youth. It expands our imagination and feels like the natural thing to do.

Our Mission

Our mission has changed and developed over the last few years. What started as a desire to simply create a few homemade gifts from discarded items for friends and family grew into a passionate almost full time hobby. Many people especially children who are not familiar with this type of art are in awe of the simple fact that an object can have more than the one purpose it was initially designed for. This all helps raise awareness to the necessity of recycling and reusing everything and anything. We are proud to realize our work is helping to keep hundreds of pounds of usable items out of the landfill every year.

What people are saying

Paula C.L.

Barrington N.S.

I purchased a lobster from Enslow Designs and have to say I was more than satisfied with the product. They do amazing work. A lot of time goes into each piece and it sure shows. Awesome work Wayne & Kathy. Thank you both.

Gail G.

Nanaimo BC

I love my spoon bird. It is beautiful!

Brandie R.

Cowichan valley BC

I got a cute snail piece for a gift, and the person loved it! It's eye catching, unique, and a great conversation starter. I'd recommend it as a great shop to check out for when you want to purchase a gift for someone, but don't know what to get, as they have neat items people will love.

Linda P.B.

 Yarmouth N.S.

Love these unique pieces of Art and design !!! Great gift ideas or get one for yourself.

Terry T.

Duncan BC

I'm a wildlife photographer and this artists' proportions , attention to detail , etc, are impressive . From the hummingbirds to their herons they are all great.

Jeremy P.

Cowichan Bay BC

Jacqui loves her new weather vane rooster, thank you both.

Karenelaine B.

Nova scotia

I live in Nova Scotia and have had three of the metal arts pieces mailed to me. The detail is amazing what talent and vision! I was more than pleased with their work.

Sonia E.C.

Nova scotia

Absolutely beautiful and unique pieces of art!


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