“This type of art seems to follow the process where eventually, everything succumbs to the forces of nature and is magically reborn in another form.”



Enslow Arts & Design’s re-purposed and re-imagined one of a kind sculptures inspire the viewer to picture a new world of infinite possibilities as Kathy and Wayne Enslow reform vintage nostalgia into original modern works of art. For the Enslows, the medium they work with tells its own story and they try to preserve that message in their whimsical and lighthearted works. Be it a spoon, internal parts from a vintage typewriter or sewing machine, you will be left wondering how all the individual pieces formed together to create such a masterpiece. In identifying the smaller pieces that make up the whole, one can truly appreciate the uniqueness that accompanies each impressive design.


What began as a desire to create handmade products for friends and family soon became a much deeper and lasting endeavor. The Enslows quickly fell in love with the process of re-working metals and found objects into something new and completely unique. Both Wayne and Kathy work together to design, weld, and create, inspired by the immense potential within the intricacies of lost, forgotten, and abandoned machinery. They are fueled by the opportunity to work together while at their studio and equally so when they are able to go out picking over thrift stores, industrial shops, flea markets, etc to collect unique items for re-purposing.


Often the greatest goal for Kathy and Wayne is creating art to their own liking inspired by a memory or such. They often let this expression of freedom follow into their commissioned works. When creating hand-made pieces outside of their personal inspirations, they try to incorporate materials that are personalized to the recipient. The finished piece then derives new meaning from an old item that the customer is familiar with and will cherish.


Kathy and Wayne see things not as they are but as what they can become. Every object is a puzzle piece and has to be put in just the right place. Over the years they have up-cycled abandoned metals and materials into sculptures that portray living creatures, mythological dragons, automobiles and almost any object you could imagine. A great portion of the Enslows work follows their self-inspired tales and the visions are played out through their beloved art.


Each piece creates a sense of wonder, the longer one looks upon their work, the more curious the viewer becomes as to what kind of life the piece might have had before. Wayne and Kathy believe that everything can lend itself to become something totally new and different. Enslow Art & Design proves this with each recycled, rehabilitated, and re-imagined piece, reminding us of the nostalgia of the past with a modern twist.


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