Modern Art from Vintage items 

Collecting and re-using has always been a way of life for us. During our childhood years re-purposing & re-cycling were simply a way of life. For many of us it was a necessity. If you weren't willing to buy used or accept a free item and fix it yourself, it's likely you would do without.

To be given the opportunity to collect and up-cycle many of those old familiar items we grew up with is something we could not pass on. To us, our art is simply a revisit into the past and a way to relive our youth and have fun doing it.

The most inspiring moments come during the collection and sorting of found objects.

Some old relics will almost tell you what they want to become. Following this approach the finished piece is almost always more creative and interesting. 

We are Wayne and Kathy Enslow and reside in the Cowichan valley, British Columbia, Canada. Also a husband and wife team, and proud parents and grandparents. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have found a hobby that is becoming increasingly popular. Although limited in the amount of art two people can produce, we find originality and creativity is more important to us than volume. ​ 


Some of our favorite collectibles we like to work with are vintage hardware, machinery and tools to fit into our projects.  We also work with table utensils, cutlery, appliances, motorcycle parts, auto parts, and almost anything made from metal. We include salvaged old growth mill wood or driftwood in our pieces when we can. 

Our work is all handmade one piece at a time and we take pride in what we do.


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