Modern Art from Vintage items 


We design and create art sculptures using abandoned metals and found objects we source from thrift stores, garage sales, mechanics shops etc. Basically we use almost anything that resembles the shape of what is required to fill the gap in what we are working on. There are no blueprints or plans, it's simply a large puzzle without a picture on the cover and the rest of the pieces still to be found.

Sometimes an old object will show us what it wants to become and other times we set out looking for pieces to fill an idea in our minds. Either way it's truly a creative and rewarding concept of art. If a finished piece puts a smile on someone's face then we know we have been successful. Although limited in the amount of art two people can produce, we find originality and creativity is more important to us than volume. ​


Collecting and reusing has always been a way of life for us. During our childhood years re-purposing & recycling were simply a way of life. For many of us it was a necessity. If you weren't willing to buy used or accept a free item and fix it yourself, it's likely you would do without.

To be given the opportunity to collect and upcycle many of those old familiar items we grew up with is something we could not pass on. To us, our art is simply a revisit into the past and a way to relive our youth. It expands our imagination and feels like the natural thing to do.


We are two aging souls lost in a never never land of waste, pollution and drastic changes within the world during our 60+ years of existence here. Also a husband & wife team and proud parents and grandparents. We are Wayne and Kathy Enslow and reside in the Cowichan valley, British Columbia, Canada.

What started as a hobby has developed into something we are passionate about and reflects our views as to nothing being wasted. Everything is reusable and valuable, we only have to be creative finding new ways to utilize what is already available to us.

For us to be able to help show people, especially children the value of recycling is very rewarding.

“ This type of art seems to follow the process where eventually, everything succumbs to the forces of nature and is magically reborn in another form.”

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